This Is What Happened

If anyone can teach you how to choose the very best pieces for you, it’s the person who did the designing.

One of the many luxuries that comes with being a celeb is you have direct access to resources that other people don’t—like fashion designers. When stars do eventually venture out to shop for themselves (because, let’s be honest, they have stylists for that), what I imagine happens is they have their assistant(s) make some calls, and in no time, said celeb and said designer are frolicking around the shop, chatting and trying on the latest and greatest from the most recent collection…and then visit ends in a hefty sale.

Real talk: I’ll probably never know for sure, but what happened to me a couple weeks ago was pretty darn close.

I got a taste of the good life, thanks to the “VIP Experience: Rebecca Minkoff x Chandon. Here, I’d have the designer’s attention for about 30 minutes and get a personal styling session with the tastemaker who’s outfitted the likes of Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Reese Witherspoon and more. Casual.

On the day of the event, a car was sent (and by a car, I mean a black Escalade) to drive me to the store on Melrose Avenue. I stepped out of the car and within seconds, I’m greeted with a tall glass of Chandon. Alas, my first I-could-get-used-to-this moment occurred.

Now I have to admit, it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. In my head I’d pictured an empty, relaxing store closed just for me, in which Rebecca and I leisurely walked and talked, mostly about fashion, but also about ourselves to the point where we became best friends and lived happily ever after.

The reality of the situation was that, despite my visions of grandeur, the style maven was actually really busy—splitting her time between multiple styling sessions, delegating tasks to her staff and overseeing the set-up of a second event she was hosting later in the store. There was consistent hustle, and I was soon reminded that fashion is about much more than celeb endorsements—the art of design and business acumen also takes precedence.