Rob By Her Side

On the show, we saw Rob and Chyna prepare for the birth of their baby girl and Rob explained that he and Chyna are in a “really really great place with each other” after “communicating our problems with each other more.”

During the episode, the couple learned that Chyna would have to have a C-section. During her first pregnancy with King Cairo, Chyna had a C-section because he didn’t “drop in time,” and that is exactly what happened with baby Dream. Even though Rob was hoping Chyna would have a “VBAC” birth, Chyna’s doctor told her a C-section would have to happen.

Then when the day of the C-section arrived, Chyna broke down in tears and admitted she was “scared.”

So how did she handle the delivery?

Take a look at the recap to find out and to see Kim Kardashianmake an appearance in the delivery room!

1. Chyna Calls Kris Jenner Her “Second Mother”:

After getting a 4D sonogram of baby Dream, Chyna FaceTimes Kris Jenner to show her the adorable photo and talks about her relationship with her soon-to-be mother-in-law.

“Everybody always talks about mother-in-laws and how they can be,” Chyna says in the clip above. “But Kris is totally different, you know always willing to give me personal, good advice. With everything from like health insurance to talking to her about Rob and future plans and everything in between.”

She then says, “Kris is like a second mother to me.”

2. Rob & Scott Disick Talk About Chyna’s Birth Plan:

When Scott Disick stops by Rob’s house, the two talk about baby Dream’s upcoming birth and how Chyna is thinking about having a second C-section.

“I think she’s gonna do a C-section,” Rob tells Scott. “Yeah she did it with her first kid…but you could only do so many of those. So I’m saying you can only have a certain amount of kids if you do C-section.”

Rob wants a large family, so Chyna is willing to do a natural birth if she can.

He then explains, “Chyna had a C-section originally because King didn’t drop in time and you can’t just go around having C-section after C-section. I want her to have a VBAC cause I’ve always wanted to have a lot of kids…a repeat C-section would make that a lot more complicated.”