Holistic Audience View

Over the past 12 months, advertisers’ understanding of cross-device targeting and the identity matching methodologies behind the technology have improved. With that improvement comes added expectations for the types of data that can be added to these identity graphs and the locations in which that targeting can be applied, such as in living rooms and in stores.

  • As capabilities improve, advertisers will look to cross-device technology to enhance messaging by improving the personalization of ad creative and managing key functions such as ad sequencing and frequency capping.
  • Historically, cross-device and its identification capabilities have lagged in integration and use among measurement and attribution tools. However, 2017 will bring greater focus to ensuring that cross-device measurement capabilities match targeting capabilities.

There has been no direct link of the scandal with the reduced VR investment. A government oversight agency said the reduced investment reflects concerns about transparency in the formation of the project and lack of understanding about the project’s goal.

VR in South Korea has been less focused on game and entertainment applications, and more on industrial use cases, such as architecture and engineering. The government investment was part of a joint public/private effort to encourage the development of gaming, entertainment and education platforms.

Hardware companies such as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics offer a variety of VR devices including headsets and 360 degree cameras, but software and content for VR has been less of a focus. The government investment is meant to address that.